CTE Future Focus


Future Focus, Wednesday August 24, 2022

Classroom Workshop Agenda

INTRODUCTION: There are 3 pieces to this portion (Classroom Workshop) of the Future Focus event. (50 minutes)

The 3 pieces are numbered below. 

  1. Individual Program Video (15 minutes). Below is an alphabetical list of all EdTech CTE Programs. Find your program.  As a group, have your students watch the video for your program. If there is more than 1 video, please watch all listed for your program.

  1. ONetOnline Skills Assessment / Student Worksheet (15 minutes). Have students log on to CTE devices. If they do not have their own username/password have them use the following:

Username:  Student

Password:  Password!!

Once students have logged in, have students launch the Chrome Browser.

Students are to type in the following URL:


The below image is what your students should see when they get to the link:

Students are to look at each Skill (under Social Skills AND Thinking Skills), if they already have that skill OR plan to work on having it, they should slide the slider to the right. If students are unsure what that skill means, they are to click the icon, next to the skill, to learn more information about that skill and get examples of that skill.

Once they have gone through ALL 14 skills, they are to click the  button (bottom left of page).

This will bring them to a Custom List of Occupations with Related Skills. Have students keep this webpage open and distribute the ONetOnline printed worksheet.

Students are to complete the ONetOnline worksheet. Have students keep their own worksheet so they can refer to it outside of class if they wish.

  1. Google Slides Personal Financial Budget presentation (20 minutes). The LAST piece of the Future Focus Classroom Workshop portion is to have the group of students walk through, answer as a group, and talk about the “So You Think You’re Ready to Be An Adult” google slides presentation (link below). 

Once you click the below link, Click the SlideShow button in top right to start the presentation.  

So You Think You’re Ready to Be An Adult LINK

This presentation covers 17 Personal Financial Budget items (examples are rent, buying a car, dentist & eye appt, savings, cell phone, food, gas, etc). The presentation shows a budget item and gives choices of the dollar amount for that particular item (see below)

Let students answer, they can either answer out loud, as a group/individually or write it down on a piece of paper. We want EVERY student to answer EVERY question to see if their perception matches reality.

Once everyone has answered, click the mouse button. It will advance you to that same question/answers, show the correct answer and some additional information (see below). 

If you, as an experienced adult, have additional information to offer students, please do. You may have recently experienced one of these budget items and can give more insight to students.

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