SCECH Information

Your SCECH Application is important to us!  Please adhere to the following process to allow us to better serve your SCECH needs.

Step 1:  Please electronically complete the fillable SCECH application --  NEW SCECH APPLICATION

Step 2:  Please "Save As" your completed application under a unique name you will be able to reference later.

Step 3:  Please complete an agenda if the application is for an event.  If the application is for DPPD, please complete a list of dates/times for these meetings you have scheduled.

Step 4:  Submit both the complete application and your agenda or DPPD dates to:  [email protected] 45 days in advance of the start date of the event/DPPD.

You will receive a ticket number in your email.  This ticket number will be updated as the application is accepted by MDE.  

Upon completion
of your event or annual DPPD, please upload all participant information (sign in sheets) to this specific ticket number.  Once all participant information is loaded into MOECS, the ticket will be marked closed and you will get notification.

General changes to the SCECH program rules that begin September 7, 2018:

  • Minimum program hours change to 1 hour.  Traditionally all SCECH programs were required to be offered for a minimum of 3 hours.  Starting September 7, 2018 there will no longer a 3-hour minimum for SCECH programs and programs will be accepted with a minimum of 1 hour.
  • MDE will no longer mandate specific requirements for breaks or lunch times during meetings.  The rule stated there must be a break every 2.5 hours and a lunch/meal break of 30 minutes that could not be counted in the SCECH total.  MDE still believes taking breaks during a long meeting is beneficial, but we no longer mandate specific times or time limits.  With this change, we remind educators and Sponsors only time spent on learning activities can be counted in the SCECH total.
  • New Assurance document to be attached to programs.  Coordinators no longer attach an agenda or any other designated documents to the online SCECH application as the Required Documentation.  Coordinators now only attach a completed Assurance document to every application.  Attached you will find the Assurance document to complete and attach to a program application.  The Assurance document must be signed by the Facilitator/creator of the program and the Coordinator submitting it.
  • MDE is opening up SCECH Sponsorship.  Any agency, company, or association with the ability to offer quality PD may now apply to become a SCECH Sponsor.  I have attached the SCECH: Sponsor Application for your reference and it will be online on our Teacher Certification website under SCECH & DPPD page. 
  • Schools/Colleges/ISDs/Universities in Michigan are accepted as Sponsors through the same process as before.  We have a separate application SCECH: Sponsor Application for Michigan School Districts and Higher Education Institutions that will be available on the website also.

School Counselor Changes


Starting Friday, September 7, 2018 the changes in the SCECH program application will be available.  When you choose School Counseling as the Category you will see changes in the hours section of the online application.  These changes only relate to School Counseling programs.

Past updates

*  As of August 1, 2015 - SCECH participants who do not have a certificate/license issued by the MDE, will no longer have access to the SCR (Secure Central Registry) system when it goes live in MOECS near the end of this year.  They may still earn SCECHs, but will be issued a certificate of completion by the coordinator (Dawn Mosher)
*  Also starting August 1, 2015, we are required to collect PIC numbers as mandatory information. (Directions for locating your PIC number)  The key item used to match upload records to participants will be their PIC number.  The email will no longer be an important factor for earning SCECH's and connecting the hours to the individual accounts.  Please make sure your participants have included their PIC number on the individual application.  
Need help viewing evaluations?  Click here!

Lapeer County Education and Technology Center
690 N. Lake Pleasant Rd.
Attica, Mi.  48412
Attn:  Dawn Mosher

New Administrative Rule Changes
State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECH)
formerly SB-CEUs

The new Administrative Rules have eliminated the term “State Board Continuing Education Units” (SB-CEUs).  In place of SB-CEU credits, educators will earn “state continuing education hours” and “clock hours” for renewal purposes.  The Office of Professional Preparation Services will be combining these two terms into one – “State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs)” for renewal credits previously known as SB-CEUs.  Instead of earning SB-CEUs, an educator will earn SCECHs. 

The new SCECHs will be awarded through the Secure Central Registry (SCR) and the online evaluation is still required.  SB-CEUs earned previously within the appropriate time period can still be used for renewal.  The Secure Central Registry will now show your credits in Hours.  For conversion purposes, SB-CEUs x 10 equal the clock hours earned. 

SCECH and SCR information can be accessed through the teacher certification webpage at:

Who is eligible to use SCECHs/SB-CEUs for certificate approval?

Individuals who hold the following certificates and licenses are eligible to obtain and use SCECHs toward certificate/licensure renewal:

• School Psychologist certificate

• School Guidance Counselor license

• School Administrator certificate

These certificates require renewal every five years.  The renewal requirement includes the completion of six semester hours of appropriate coursework through an approved institution, 180 SCECHs, or a combination of these.  School administrators are required to complete six semester hours, 180 SCECHs, or a combination of the two every five years for continued employment.

• Professional Education certificate

• Occupational Education certificate

These certificates require renewal every five years.  The renewal requirement includes the completion of six semester hours of appropriate coursework through an approved institution, 180 SCECHs, district provided professional development, or a combination of all three

• Provisional Certificate
    (renewed after Sept. 1, 2013) 

This certificate requires renewal every three years, maximum of 2 renewals.  The renewal requirement includes the evidence that he or she has earned since the issuance of the certificate:  6 semester credit hours in a planned program at an approved teacher preparation institution or 180 clock hours of state continuing education in approved professional development activities appropriate to the grade level and content endorsement(s) of the certificate that he or she holds or a combination of semester credit hours and state continuing education hours; or that he or she holds an earned master’s or higher degree in areas appropriate to kindergarten to grade 12 teaching.

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