2023 CTE Summer Academies

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Summer Crafts

June 19-20             6th-8th  grade

15 spots                                            R. Case

Roll up your sleeves and put on your creativity hat because this academy allows you to expand your artistic abilities using yarn, ribbons and pipe cleaners to weave a truly unique and colorful basket.  In addition, we encourage you to experiment with patterns, colors and textures designing and decorating a flower pot using paints and other art material to add to your garden or home!

2 days                                 $ 60



M.E.P—Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing                          

June 19-20             8th-10th grade

15 spots                                            A. Bryce

Students get hands-on exposure learning about mechanical systems, Electrical Systems, and Plumbing systems in a project based approach.  Students will also learn about the multiple career pathways in MEP!


2 days                                 $60



June 19 –20           6th—8th grade    

15 spots                                 C. McNally

Considering a career in welding?  Work on

various hands-on projects in our welding lab using Shielded and Gas Metal Arc Welding

processes, as well as an Oxyacetylene torch and Plasma Arc cutting.  Students will be taking their completed projects home with them!    


 2 days                                $60


Collision Repair 

June 21-23  8th-10th Grade

15 spots                                            A. Bryce

Students will learn how to assess damage, remove damaged components and prepping a vehicle to repair minor vehicle damage such as dents, and scratches using body filler.  Students will also learn how to paint vehicles after repairs have been made laying the foundation skills for more advanced repair work in the future. 

3 days                                   $90


Go Cart Build                 

June 26th-30th    6th-8th grade

24 spots

K. Thomas, T. Wright, D. Sullivan & A. Hoskins                       

Vroom, Vroom! 

Working in small groups, students will build go carts from the ground up. Beginning with

braking, steering, and suspension, the groups will then work on body panels and roll bars. They will then add an engine, align the drive chain, and finish up. On the last day, students will have the

opportunity to drive the cart they build.  

Parents will be invited in on Friday to watch the driving experience

5 days                                                 $150


Ecology Adventure Expedition        

June 26-30     5th-8th grade

15 spots                                P. McCreedy

Explore the place you live by experiencing local cultural and natural history in a fun and exciting way. Students will explore the special relationships we have with the place we call home by engaging in hands-on activities related to; Percussion fire starting, Wild edible plants, Atl-atl (the spear-thrower), Cooking on rocket stoves, Cordage with local plant fiber, Aquatic Macroinvertebrates, Water quality, Wildlife Biology, Habitat Restoration, Watersheds, and Indigenous Technology Each day is filled with a new adventure! 

This program will include two field trips with busing provided.

**This expedition will include some physically demanding days and participants will require the ability to hike each day for 2 to 5 miles.  Students will need a refillable water bottle and comfortable shoes for the hikes.

5 days                                               $175


Birdhouse build  

June 28-29             4th-5th grade

15 spots                                            R. Case

Students will engage in learning basic woodworking skills, including measuring, sanding, drilling and assembling wood pieces to create a suitable birdhouse environment to take home.  Students will gain experience in using hammers, nail guns and clamps safely and efficiently.

2 days                                                  $ 60


Intro to Cosmetology

July 10-12               6th and 7th grade

July 17-19               8th and 9th grade

10 spots available for each camp                            M. Grossbauer

**Location – This camp is being held at Grondin’s in Lapeer.  Please be sure to drop your student off in the back of the building at the following address:

Grondin’s College of Cosmetology

371 W. Nepessing St. 

Lapeer, Mi.  48446 – Phone:  810-664-7683 

Your student will learn the basics of cosmetology. The first day will consist of facial shapes, hair maintenance, styling, and color theory. Students will learn the art of shampooing using mannequins, braiding, and curling. Moving into the second day, participants will learn about nails by engaging in hands-on activities and performing manicures and pedicures on each other. The final day will provide students with knowledge about different skin types and treatments to best suit these types. Students will perform facials on each other or on mannequins.  Upon completion of the camp, participants will be allowed to keep the mannequin heads to practice and continue learning while at home!

3 days                                   $ 90


LEAF Piggy Bank Build

July 11          PreK-3rd grade

25 spots

The Lapeer County Education Attainment Fund (LEAF) is a children’s savings program  in Lapeer County designed to help students start saving for college and career training expenses.  Your student will join us in an artistic experience creating their very own piggy bank to start the savings process.


1 day                                      $ 30


Challenger Learning Center

July 13                     6th-8th grade                    

34 spots

                                                D. Mosher

Students will take a trip to the Challenger Learning Center at St. Clair Community College and become an “astronaut” in the simulated Lunar Quest Mission with a new directive from NASA.  Students will engage in several hands-on lab activities with an engineering focus.  Students will also have time to visit the collection of fossils and dinosaurs. (Cost includes ticket price and transportation by bus).

1 day                                       $ 40


STEM Challenge

July 24-25                          6th-8th grade                    

15 spots                                R. Case

Students will learn the fundamentals of the engineering process through project-based learning.  Students will participate in an egg drop challenge, catapult challenge, make slime and have magnet fun.

2 day                                        $ 60


ASL Learning Camp

July 24-28                          7th-9th grade

25 spots                               C. Cunningham

Are you interested in learning American Sign Language?  Students will learn basic signs and phrases of ASL, a visual language used to communicate with the Deaf.   All students will receive “Signing Illustrated:  The Complete Learning Guide” to continue learning beyond the ASL Academy.

5 day                                        $ 150.00



If paying by cash or check, please register with Maria Martz at [email protected] or 810-664-1124 ext. 83901.  Payment is due upon registration. 


Credit Card registration will be located on our website at www.lapeerisd.org


For further information, please contact Instructional Services Manager, Dawn Mosher at [email protected] or 810-245-3983





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